Discover a Dragon Series: Content Director, Andrea Whitcomb

Dragon Army
Dragon Army
Published Jul 28, 2022

Dragon Army Content Director Andrea Whitcomb is a jane of all trades. A brilliant, experienced, and willing team leader and pinch-hitter, she is happiest when her day is filled with variety. She’s an avid learner who loves collaborating across teams. So it’s no surprise that if you ask anyone at Dragon Army about this gal, you’ll hear that she has the ability to do many things and that she does them happily and well.

Share a project or partnership that gives us a snapshot into your work.

I recently finished working on web copy for TK Elevator, which is one of the largest elevator companies in the world. It was such a great opportunity to add rich content to their site. By doing interviews with their people and partners, and pulling information from all kinds of interesting places, we were able to create an informative and cohesive narrative for the products and their company. That information has helped TK Elevator’s customers make decisions about the products and services they need to make their buildings work better for themselves and the people who live and work in them. Because the work we did has made it easier for customers to access and understand needed information, TK Elevator has been better set up to achieve its business goals.

What attracted you to Dragon Army or why have you built your career here?

I was contracting with the company and decided to come for a visit with the team. I wasn’t sure I wanted to leave my freelance role, but everyone I talked to was so smart. It was a company filled with some of the smartest people I had ever met. It made me realize I would always be surrounded by people who were incredibly good at what they do, who are fun and helpful to work with, and I would always be challenged. 

The strength of the management team also played into it. They trusted and encouraged and validated me, even as a contractor. It’s what prompted me to visit in the first place and spurred me to work with the company full-time, eventually deciding to move to Atlanta.

What Dragon Army core value resonates with you most and why?

Putting the team first. One of the things that matter most to me in my career is helping people feel fulfilled at their job and do their best possible work. There’s nothing like the feeling of knowing you’re where you’re supposed to be, that your role is valued and that you’re doing great work.

The way we deliver that is as a team. We communicate well and honestly and work together to deliver the best possible results we can. It means we put people on the right projects at the time and give them the tools that allow them to do their jobs in the best way possible. At the end of the day, it means each person is happier, the team is better, and the client gets better results.

Give a snapshot into your day to help us understand your area of expertise.

My day usually starts with a rundown of tasks and deliverables that my team and I need to deliver that day, and I try to make sure everyone has what they need to be successful. Then I spend the rest of my day writing, editing, auditing, researching, and doing strategy work. I love that my work spans dozens of industries, clients, and project types. In any given week, I might write website copy, social media posts, paid ads, emails, app copy, or dialogue for a game. It’s a great variety.

Andrea is currently enjoying a reign as “Dragon of the Year.” You can get to know her even better here.