Dragon Army’s purpose is to Inspire Happiness. Our promise is to do our part to end systemic racism.

We are committed to leading our community and nation towards equality for all — because every American has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We commit to becoming a more diverse workforce.

Currently, less than 10% of our team are people of color. This unfortunate hiring practice is largely echoed across our industry, but it is not an excuse.

Our goal is to ensure that the demographics of our team mirror that of the Atlanta community overall: 62% people of color, 38% white. Adding diversity as we grow our team will not be a quick process, but we are committed to it.

As a part of this initiative, we will:

  • Actively recruit a diversity of candidates, rather than relying solely on hiring from applications submitted to us
  • Commit to supporting and/or creating training opportunities that help people of color attain the skills of our industry
  • Create internships to give diverse college and high school students an opportunity to gain experience and exposure
  • Build a coalition of other agencies to move the needle on creating a more diverse workforce for our industry

We commit to helping our local community.

We understand that to be a part of the solution, we must be part of the community. We will look for opportunities to do the following:

  • Support local, black-owned businesses, particularly those inour city
  • Work with underprivileged youth, training them in the skills of our industry (marketing and technology)
  • Raising awareness of, and helping to address, the challenges
    of the community

We will also actively research Purpose-Built Communities in Atlanta, with consideration toward moving our headquarters to one of those communities should we think that effort will allow us to get involved at a deeper level.

We commit to becoming a B Corporation.

B Corps believe that businesses should be a force for good in the world, allowing for the balance of purpose and profit. Committing to this rigor will position us as better citizens of and for our community. Once we have achieved B Corp status, we will work to recruit and guide other corporations to make the change as well.

We commit to actively supporting organizations that fight to end systematic racism and injustice and that help those suffering because of it.

There are many local organizations doing great work to fight systematic racism and those suffering because of it. Our goal will be to identify groups that we can get involved with and support not just monetarily, but also with our skills in brand and digital marketing, in order to help them fulfill their missions. Below is an example of such organizations:

  • Black Lives Matter of Atlanta
  • Future Foundation
  • Central Outreach & Advocacy Center
  • College AIM
  • Love Beyond Walls
  • The CT Vivian Institute
  • Grove Park Foundation

We will also match the donations of any of our team members to these organizations. And every member of our leadership team will participate in at least one nonprofit board that focuses on helping black and brown communities.

We commit to promoting civic engagement both internally and externally.

As a company, we will openly and passionately support bills, legislation, and causes that promote equality, break down systematic racism, and end voter suppression. These include efforts such as the Georgia Hate Crimes Act, which we have supported in conjunction with The Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. Our team members will have paid time off to protest injustices and contribute their voices to efforts to build an equitable community.

We will provide all Dragons with paid time off to vote and to volunteer as poll workers. We will make sure that our team and our community know about election dates, registration deadlines, and how they can become more informed about what issues will be on their ballots during each election.

We commit to working much harder to educate our team and have courageous conversations.

We know that knowledge is the key to progress, and the ability for us to have honest, vulnerable conversations internally will add fuel to our fight against inequality. We will invite diverse voices to share their experiences with us, and we commit to consistently educating our team.

Internal leadership is critical, and while I personally commit to making this a top priority for our company, we must also hire a Diversity & Inclusion leader who can guide us toward making a true impact.

We invite you to join us on this journey to equality.

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