Save setup time and start iterating faster.

Spark is comprehensive, color agnostic and nearly everything is override-enabled. Jump in and get work done faster than ever before.

Free. Because UX designers need love, too.

There are tons of available resources for visual design, but hardly anything for UX designers. Spark is available free for use in an personal or commercial project. We'd just love to know if you've used it - send us a tweet if you do!

Community-driven and maintained.

We want this to be a living, breathing resource, so we've made it available on GitHub for forking and contribution. Got a useful update for it? Contribute back to the project for everyone's benefit!

What's in the box?

What goodies will you find in Spark?
Check out the highlights below, or cruise on over for a full preview on Sketch Cloud.

Basic Components

Device-agnostic components, like buttons, modals, accordions, popovers and more.


UI components for Android apps based on Material design.


UI components for Apple Devices based on iOS 11/12 SDK.


Commonly used charts like bar, radial and line for quick insert.

Form Fields

All of the basic form field items. States and icons within fields are customizable.


Preset font styles in white, gray and black, as well as all three alignments.


A subset of Font Awesome 5.0 icons in vector format, listed alphabetically.


Responsive symbols to create user flows and documentation.


Prepackaged form templates for common cases, like login and address collection.

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Spark includes a few other resources by permission to round this out as a complete kit. Thanks to the following authors for partnering with us to deliver the library: