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Serving up surprise and delight for an iconic brand.

What we brought to the table.

Krystal serves consistent, affordable, and downright delicious meals, day and night. They also have a witty, playful brand. Their website didn’t reflect that personality — it was missing the features their customers craved.

Dragon Army created a built-from-the-ground-up website with strong design, improved gift card security, new online ordering, mobile-friendly navigation, and loads of personality. We started with thoughtful UX, streamlined navigation, and responsive design. Then we added an intuitive, localized ordering system that could handle hundreds of locations as well as some nifty security features. Finally, we found every opportunity to inject surprise and delight, from a whimsical design that appears after 10 p.m. to hamburger confetti after a form submission.

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Responsive, mobile-first website design and development, CMS

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Working with the Dragon Army team is so easy! When they helped us with a total overhaul of our web presence, they nailed our brand personality. We enjoyed working with them so much that we partnered with them to do another website build, this time for our franchise partners. Dragon Army has been an empathetic, understanding, and expert partner.


Angela Johnson

Director of Marketing, Krystal

2020 AMY Award Website/Web Creative WInnerDesktop and mobile devices featuring the Krystal website.Website style guide and page level mockups.404 error page with an empty Krystal box where the zero is located.Color palettes.Image showcasing the day and night mode of the Krystal website.Image of the breakfast menu.Krystal gift card.

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