Parent Cue

The task at hand.

Deepen parent-child relationships through technology.

What we brought to the table.

The Parent Cue app, combined with a custom CMS, simplifies the process of providing faith-based opportunities for parents to connect with their children. The organization needed a complete overhaul of the whole customer experience, which would entail an easier way for churches to upload content and a more engaging interface for parents of kids ranging from kindergarten through 12th grade. The Dragon Army team reinvented the mobile experience from the back-end, out. Combining UX strategy, UI design, and development for iOS and Android, the team conceptualized a solution and brought it to life with code.

Our domain.

UI, UX, Strategy, Research, iOS and Android Mobile Development

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We came to Dragon Army with a list of ideas, and their talented team not only made them a reality, but they made them better. Through the project process, they provided design that was in line with our branding but not limited by it. At the end of the project, we got a partner that has helped us reach new levels of engagement with our audience and an app that exceeded our expectations in quality—and is making a huge impact on kids and families all across the world.


John Estes

Director of IT Project Management Office

Parent Cue logo animating.Android phones displaying the Parent Cue app.Mobile phone displaying the content which is customized via a laptop computer.Parent Cue moodboard with illustrations, iconography, color and text styles.

Help parents strengthen relationships, character, and spiritual habits with their kids through faith-based content.

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