TBS The Cube Game

The task at hand.

Build excitement for a game show with a real game experience.

What we brought to the table.

In 2021, TBS brought an American adaption of the award-winning U.K. game show THE CUBE to U.S. audiences. To create hype and build excitement, they were seeking a way to give audiences a chance to test their own skills. Having already worked with Dragon Army to build endemic games for other TBS programs, the team approached us for a web-based version of the game. Using our proprietary Applied Game Theory (AGTTM) to create a maximum balance of challenge and reward, we designed and built a fun, habit-forming game that quickly became a source of excitement for the fans, keeping them constantly engaged with the show and its energy.

Our domain.

Applied Game Theory (AGTTM), UX, UI, 3D Modeling, Animation, Unity Development

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TBS knew the talented team at Dragon Army would be the perfect partner to bring to life the world of the seemingly simple, yet high-stakes, competition game show THE CUBE. The goal was to create a free-to-play web game for casual and experienced audiences putting players directly in the contestants’ point of view. Fans tested their skills to try to beat three games featured on the show, propelled by a weekly competition to get the top score and earn the chance to win real prizes. Dragon Army’s incredible attention to detail produced fun, dynamic, exciting, and competitive gameplay that helped familiarize American viewers with THE CUBE. It was a massive project with rigorous timelines, but the team excelled with every challenge to create an aesthetically beautiful experience.


Gabby Ballard

Marketing Director, TBS/TNT/truTV

Screenshot of The Cube web game main menu. A blue cube rotates in the middle of a dark stage, surrounded by sharp blue laser lights.Game selection mode in The Cube web game with 10 different games to choose from.The Cube web game with the Plummet game mode selected. A tall pillar sits in the middle of the cube with a large, chrome ball sitting on top.Six of The Cube game modes including Expulsion, Cascade, Selection, Multishot, Plummet and Bling Shot.

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